Actor information
Birth name Dawson Couch
Nickname(s) SesameMalcolm99

PatrickBobSponge TheRandomRapBattles

Born November 10, 2003
Physical description
Hair Brown
Eyes Green
Appearance information
Appeared in TBA

Dawson Couch (born November 10, 2003) is an American rapper and actor, he is the owner of Random Rap Battles. He is the co-owner of ERBOEverything. 

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  • His YouTube channel can be seen here.
  • He started watching fan-made ERBs in about mid 2013.
  • The first battle he ever made was Fanboy vs. Sheen Estevez.

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Season 1

Mickey James - we are kid perfect - Owen TheLegendary - SesameMalcolm99 - 834rCu8 (Confirmed) - Primetec (Confirmed) - Thevideogameguy 95 (Confirmed) - Shazam7121 (Confirmed) - Dragon Brony (Confirmed)