Eminem vs. Johnny Cash is the first episode of Epic Rap Battles Of Everything. It is also the first episode of Season 1. It pits Caucasian rapper Eminem against critically acclaimed country artist Johnny Cash.

Cast Edit

Mickey James as Eminem and Johnny Cash.

We are kid perfect as Phil Hartman (cameo)

Eminem Edit

It's chicka, chicka, Slim Shady, I'm livin life in the Fast Lane

You're terrible, Johnny, I'm truly ashamed

That you would even think that you can battle me

Are you even serious, freaking kidding?

I'm king of all rap, go away, stop it, man

Also while you're at it, stop dressing like your Phil Hartman

Johnny Cash Edit

Come on, Marshall, we can work this out

But don't be like your buddy, Proof, Don't Bring Your Guns To Town

Now if you're lucky, I'll go easy on you

Pfft, you sound like your a baby, I don't have to

Stop, silly white boy, your ego's mine

That's why everybody knows I Walk The Line

Eminem Edit

Now everybody from the 313, get your hands up, and follow me

And if you don't want the guy that brought you MMLP

Then say hello to your man Mr. Slim Shady

My Name Is... Forget it, you already know

At least I'm still alive, still making dough

I'm the master of rap battle, still coming in hot

Johnny Cash? More like Johnny Not

Johnny Cash Edit

Okay, man, didn't wanna do this

Can't stop the one man group, it's

Time for you to stop making music, it makes me crazy

I wanna see the end of Slim Shady

If you think you're the best, your songs are always a bore

At least I don't have to take drugs to have an Encore

Trivia Edit

  • This is the first battle that both rappers are played by the same person.
  • This is the first battle.
  • This is the first battle to star Mickey James.