Christopher Columbus vs. Chris Columbus is the second episode of Epic Rap Battles Of Everything. It is also the second episode of Season 1. It pits director Chris Columbus against explorer Christopher Columbus.

Cast Edit

Mickey James as Christopher Columbus

Owen TheLegendary as Chris Columbus (audio)

SesameMalcolm99 as Chris Columbus (video)

Christopher Columbus Edit

Looks like your Home Alone, Chris, Nobody to help ya

You think you're gonna beat me? I doubt ya

I'm destroying all your Pixels, block by block

Better run away, I'll kick your butt, back Nine Months

How many disappointed Siskels can we shove in The Abyss?

I liked The Help and Gremlins, but no one saw Reckless!

Look at you! You're so short! Look like a gnome!

I'm left an impact on exploring, you're a Young Sherlock Holmes

Chris Columbus Edit

You think I'm short? You look like a minion

People only know you because you killed Indians

Look! It's another Napoleon wannabe

I'll turn your life story in to a knock-in-the-head comedy! 

Four voyages? Your life was still a wreck

"Impact on exploring"? You died by sex!

Christopher Columbus Edit

I hated your movies! It's time for you to pay!

No need for Arnold Schwarzenegger to Jingle All The Way

Chris, stop directing. You will never go far

Take a stick to your forehead, leave a lightning bolt scar

Chris Columbus Edit

Your quotes are BS. No one could get inspired

Drown you in gas, light it, now you're a Goblet of Fire

Look out! I will shove you in that Abyss

See you later. Looks like I'm taking the Night Shift

Trivia Edit